Book Publisher “Force Poseidon” Releases Red Mist: A New Thriller by Sam Mitani

Thriller enthusiasts, get ready for an electrifying literary ride as Force Poseidon, a prominent publisher of gripping suspense novels, proudly announces the forthcoming release of Red Mist. This highly anticipated second novel by Sam Mitani is set to hit the shelves today, promising an adrenaline-pumping journey into the heart of action and intrigue.

Sam Mitani, renowned for his debut award-winning novel, The Prototype, draws upon his illustrious 20-year career as a distinguished writer and columnist for prestigious automobile publications worldwide, including an extensive tenure as the International Editor for the Road & Track magazine. Red Mist continues to showcase Mitani’s unparalleled knack for weaving captivating narratives while embarking on an essential mission – creating a true thriller with racing and the car automotive industry at its core.

“Many literary action and thriller novels today usually have fancy cars or subtle mentions of racing, but I wanted to create a story where the car and/or race industry play a prominent role in the narrative. Think of Red Mist as Jason Bourne meets Top Gear,” Mitani said.

The protagonist of Red Mist is the enigmatic Max Koga, a Japanese American born in Hawaii. A dedicated U.S. Navy intelligence officer, Koga finds himself ensnared in a perilous covert DEA anti-drug operation. Tragedy strikes when a radical Islamic terror group launches a ferocious attack, resulting in the loss of many DEA colleagues. Surviving against all odds, Koga endures harrowing torture as a captive, only to be discharged from the DEA due to the psychological aftermath of his captivity. Struggling with synesthesia, a unique condition causing his vision to tinge red during moments of peril, Koga’s condition mirrors the dangerous “red mist” that overtakes race car drivers in their pursuit of victory.

Koga’s journey propels him into a race against time as he endeavors to thwart a terror plot targeting the Los Angeles Auto Show. Also, he must orchestrate the daring rescue of an abducted FBI agent held captive in China from terrorists using an exotic car company as a front. The stage is set for a gripping climax at an abandoned airfield outside Beijing against a rogue North Korean military official intent on bringing down America.

Available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major booksellers.

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