Bridgestone Issues Tire Safety Tips Ahead of Summer Driving Season

With the busy summer driving season fast approaching, Bridgestone Americas, Inc. (Bridgestone) is leading a nationwide safety campaign to encourage drivers to properly maintain their tires. The effort is one way the company is promoting National Tire Safety Week (May 28 – June 3), an industry initiative led by the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA).
“Enhancing mobility is a strategic priority at Bridgestone, and one fundamental to our commitment to serve our communities,” said Jim DeMouy, vice president of environmental, health, safety and sustainability, Bridgestone Americas. “Tire safety is a critical piece of smart and safe mobility solutions, which is why we are working to educate drivers of all vehicles about the importance of proper tire care and maintenance.”
Bridgestone recommends drivers of cars, pickup trucks, crossovers and SUVs remember these three easy tips to help maintain their tires:
Inflate: Drivers should use a tire pressure gauge to check tire pressure at least once per month, as well as before long trips or when carrying heavier loads. Tires can lose one psi (pounds per square inch) per month under normal conditions. To determine proper inflation pressure, drivers should refer to their vehicle owner’s manual or the information posted on the placard located in the driver’s side doorjamb of their vehicle.

Rotate: Tires should be balanced and rotated according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, or every 5,000 miles, in order to help prevent irregular wear.

Evaluate: Drivers should get into the practice of regularly checking their tires for damage or signs of tread wear that could impact traction. The penny test is a simple way for drivers to check tread depth. By placing a penny upside down into the tread, drivers can easily determine if it’s time to replace their tires. If Lincoln’s head is visible, it is time to consider purchasing a new set of tires.

Drivers who would like to have their tire pressure checked during National Tire Safety Week or ahead of a summer road trip are invited to visit any Bridgestone Retail Operations store – Firestone Complete Auto Care, Tires Plus, Hibdon Tires Plus and WheelWorks – for a free tire pressure check and tread assessment. Tire assessments and pressure checks are provided courtesy of all Bridgestone retail store teammates every day of operation, year-round.
In addition to its focus on daily drivers and summer travelers, Bridgestone urges commercial truck drivers and fleet managers to prepare for peak hauling season by being proactive in their tire management and maintenance to keep trucks running productively and safely during the busiest months. Bridgestone encourages fleet customers to:
Set and maintain proper cold inflation pressures. Cold inflation pressure is the inflation pressure of tires before they are driven. Abide by the tire’s maximum recommended speed, which may be lower than posted speed limits.
Select the right tire for the job, considering the proper tire size, load-carrying capacity, speed capability and service type. Inspect tires frequently for damage such as cuts, cracks, bulges and penetrations.
Commercial drivers are encouraged to visit one of the company’s commercial retail store locations to receive a free tire assessment. Bridgestone owns and operates two commercial retail store networks — GCR Tires & Service, which has more than 200 locations across the U.S. and Canada; and Speedco, which includes 51 U.S. retail locations nationwide.
For more information about Bridgestone and its commitment to tire safety, visit

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