Fit Fathers Day Mobile Workouts: Presented by the 2021 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Denali

June is Men’s Health Month so @FitFathers will be hosting the 8th Annual “Fit Fathers Day” Celebration as a hybrid, both virtually through FB Live and onsite at Veterans Plaza in Silver Spring MD, starting at 10 am on June 20th, which of course is Father’s Day.
And whether you are playing sports with the kids, exercising at the park, or utilizing your GMC Sierra 2500 as a mobile gym, the goal is to energize the body as often as possible for optimal results.
Visit for more info.
Fit-Fathers-Day-Mobile-Workouts-2021-GMC-Sierra-2500-HD-Denali-v2 Fit-Fathers-Day-Mobile-Workouts-2021-GMC-Sierra-2500-HD-Denali-1 Fit-Fathers-Day-Mobile-Workouts-2021-GMC-Sierra-2500-HD-Denali-2 Fit-Fathers-Day-Mobile-Workouts-2021-GMC-Sierra-2500-HD-Denali-3

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