Fit Fathers Spicy Kale and Pasta Special

Spicy Kale

Steam a pot of organic Kale with half an onion & fresh garlic. After 5 minutes add garlic powder. In a separate bowl mix a bit of olive oil, Bragg Liquid Aminos, & fresh lemon. After 15 minutes place Kale in a bowl and stir in sauce. Makes two to three servings. Eat well!

Pasta Special

Boil Whole Wheat Fettuccine for 20 minutes or until soft. In a separate pan simmer organic marinara sauce with chopped onions, green & red peppers, fresh corn, and broccoli. Simultaneously, add 3 scoops of chickpeas into the simmering sauce. Add seasonings (garlic, pepper, Vegit) and brew for 15 minutes. Serve with sautéed spinach (onions, garlic, olive oil, soy sauce); raw or steamed broccoli florets & whole wheat toasted garlic bread.

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