HBCU Automotive Internship Meetup: Audi x NC A&T x BAMG = The Driving Force


It was an honor venturing between Greensboro, NC and Maryland to connect directly with our HBCU interns from NC A&T as part of The Driving Force (TDF) and the Black Automotive Media Group (BAMG). The field credit internship program comprises mentoring and training sessions through journalism, communications, marketing, broadcast, and public relations opportunities within the auto industry.


The 10-hour ride down and back was smooth, sporty, and efficient with my 2022 Audi SQ5 SUV. It was one of two featured vehicles we showcased to the students along with a 2022 Audi Q3 that was driven from Atlanta, GA by BAMG founding member Greg Morrison. Our students were inquisitive, focused, and dedicated to the tenants of the program, which prepare the next generation of thought leaders for their corporate world transition. Before the gathering, they participated in various training activities taught by professional automotive journalists like Marcus Amick and Teia Collier, publishers, and seasoned media producers. Additionally, the Aggies heard from guest speakers, including communication executives, designers, and product planners, with each asking thought-provoking questions.


The meetup allowed the interns to come full circle with TDF’s tutelage, while exploring the vehicles in person to witness Audi’s evolutionary technology, advanced safety, and stylish characteristics. Yes, it certainly takes a village to expand our youth’s horizons and learn from various denominations of industry experience. So, keep shinning and elevating Aggies!


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