The Hyperion Company, Inc, a Southern California-based technology company specializing in hydrogen innovation, today revealed a sneak peek of its highly-anticipated hydrogen-powered supercar, the XP-1. In pursuit of bringing space and aeronautical technology to the road, this radical prototype will utilize an advanced hydrogen-fueled propulsion system and aims to help usher in a new frontier of automotive technology.

Representing a massive leap in personal transportation and sustainable hydrogen power, the XP-1 features a high-performance, zero-emissions hydrogen-electric powertrain combined with technology directly derived from some of the world’s leading aeronautical, engineering firms, and space agencies. When combined, these technologies allow the XP-1 to outperform modern sports cars while boasting unprecedented range, refuel time, endurance, and recyclability; especially when compared to today’s battery-electric vehicles.

“We are extremely excited to launch Hyperion to the world so we can educate people to the benefits of hydrogen-based power systems.  As the most abundant element in the universe, the potential is virtually limitless.  Our goal is to tell the story of hydrogen with inspiring vehicles and infrastructure solutions.” said Angelo Kafantaris, Hyperion CEO and founding member. “With the debut of the XP-1, we aim to kick-start the final frontier towards a cleaner tomorrow for generations to come.”

The Hyperion XP-1 will be unveiled this August 2020.

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