Incredible Brembo Stopping Power in the Corvette Z07 Performance Package Displayed in 3D

Written by Automotive Rhythms
Special animation features Brembo’s state-of-the-art carbon ceramic brake system:

Brembo introduced a new 3D video of the Corvette state-of-the-art, carbon ceramic braking system which illustrates some of the technology that enables the Corvette Z07 to brake from 60 to 0 mph in just 99.6 feet.
The new brake system for the Corvette was engineered by Brembo to provide shorter stopping distances, better modulation, improved durability, and balanced brake performance without fading under extreme conditions. The six-piston, monobloc aluminum calipers were designed specifically for weight savings and drag reduction and include cross-drilled radiators to improve pad and brake fluid cooling. The differentiated piston diameters provide optimum force distribution on high-performance pads specifically developed for the carbon ceramic brake rotors (15.5” front and 15.3” rear).

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