Kahn Custom Ford Focus RS & Fiesta ST

How has Afzal Kahn succeeded in making you think these vehicles came from the performance division of the original equipment manufacturer? Well, the answer is pretty forthright while maintaining the mystique and tradition behind one of the UK’s most famous companies. Kahn has put together a rather straight edge bespoke composite akin to rare treasures.

The white Kahn Ford Fiesta ST along with the green Kahn Focus ST and blue Kahn Focus RS exude daring style and practicality. Drawing on a proven pedigree for high performance cars, the British designer’s latest offers driving enthusiasts terrific road-hugging capability with a sense of exclusivity whilst retaining the demureness of the original vehicles.


Compellingly developed with the distinctive Kahn mantra — a balance of performance and refinement — the vehicles consist of an aerodynamic body kit, a Kahn lowering module, red calipers, privacy glass, Kahn exhaust, rear spoiler, side vents, rear and front diffuser, and bonnet vents. This complete mixture of ingredients ensure a definitive driving experience.

Inside will be the expected bespoke touch which allows Kahn customers the opportunity to express their individuality. These Kahn Ford vehicles also provide the ideal platform to showcase a new range in the portfolio: alloy wheels bearing the legendary Cosworth mark. A powerful name in the mind of high performance enthusiasts, the classic style and quality of the inspirational new Cosworths reflect the reputation and values of the respective brands. They are available as 17s, 18s or 19s with fitments for various Ford models. With simple clean lines, soft organic surfaces on the edge of the spoke and a purposeful mechanical center, the Kahn Cosworth wheels are synonymous with elegance and innovation.

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