Meet Jesse Layne: Automotive Rhythms’ newest Body Rhythm


Born, raised and educated in Guayaquil-Ecuador, Jesse is licensed Esthetician and makeup artist who has learned to let her hair down from her conservative upbringing since moving the United States.  This South American Latina has a true zest for life and loves learning; however, sitting in a classroom is not her style as she loves traveling and getting out learning everything the world has to offer. With old-world Latin charm and personality Jesse is very much down to earth and the type of person who instinctively loves acting silly and making others laugh.  She also considers herself to be a bit random and with an iPod rocking everything from country to old school hip-hop we see why.

“Cars and street bikes are my obsession, they are both fast and I love the adrenaline rush from both.  As for sports, I pretty much love them all. Any sports with action such as Football will get my attention. Speaking of Football, it’s all about them Ravens baby!” Jesse says enthusiastically.

With event appearances from the Super Bowl in Miami to Sturgis in South Dakota as well as a featured model with Throttle Angels and other publications, Jesse is truly living La vida loca!

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