mia electric: green envy

Coined after its designer’s daughter, the mia electric brand presented itself well at the 82nd Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland. The micro van is much more than a small wonder, it’s a fulfilling autoganic experience. With a focus on “mobility without emissions” the French company builds 1000 vehicles a month and has a targeted goal towards clean energy by also investing in windmills for power generation.

Available in four models, mia, mia U, mia L, and miaparis, the all electric vehicle has a range up to 125 km before a charge is needed. “It all started with a blank page and asking ourselves the simple question: what do people really need for urban mobility,” questioned Murat Gu?nak, Head of Corporate Strategy and Design, mia electric. They definitely need a vehicle with urban maneuverability, adequate space, looks fresh, and feels cool. Shaggy and Scooby would have certainly enjoyed the miaparis and its array of custom features. Sliding doors answer the concern for squeezing into tight parking spots and the center driver position offers a full view of the road ahead while allowing each of the two rear passengers unbelievable leg room. In Geneva I was stunned that my sight looked over the roof of the small conversion van, yet inside the passenger compartment was roomy.

I would like to see mia electric infiltrate the United States a bit deeper as there are only a few of them scattered in Florida. Yet, its consideration and freedom would be limited to daily chores close to home. No U.S. highways for mia.

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