MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV Tire Featured at The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering


Experienced by Uthman Ray

MICHELIN is far more than just a manufacturer of automotive rubber, as we all witnessed at The Quail Gathering during Monterey Car Week held annually in Northern California during August. The mobility, innovation, and lifestyle company utilized this prime opportunity to introduce its Pilot Sport EV at one of the most iconic, classic, and exotic auto shows in the world.

MICHELIN connects all the things that Monterey Car Week showgoers are passionate about, including fine dining and wine tasting. I was also reminded that MICHELIN tires are on the planes, cars, motorcycles, and bikes as a transportation gateway that brought all of the show’s enthusiasts together.


With that, I had the opportunity to visit MICHELIN’s display to gain more insight into the Pilot Sport EV’s background and evolution. Specifically, it is the first MICHELIN Pilot Sport-family tire for electric sports cars. So now that you own a green vehicle, whether it’s an Audi e-Tron GT, Polestar 2, or Lotus Evija all-electric Hypercar, you can pair it with a set of performance tires with just as much sustainability. The goal was to address the concerns of high torque, more weight, and reduced road noise since EVs are quiet. Essentially, the Pilot Sport EV gives EV owners the most performance potential out of their daily drive.

MICHELIN states that the Pilot Sport EV benefited directly from the company’s progress and achievements in Formula E over the last six seasons. The green tire incorporates ElectricGrip Compound technology which features a hard material layered on the tread’s center to increase the requisite grip obligatory to handle electric sports cars’ increased torque attributes. And since the Michelin Formula E tire is essentially capable of running in any weather condition, imagine transferring some of that technology to a consumer tire. The Pilot Sport EV also inherited the same pattern and velvet-finish markings of the Michelin Formula E’s sidewall.


A few more defining characteristics and features of the MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV include the following:

  • Optimal grip on dry and wet roads irrespective of the tire’s level of wear, taking into account the higher weight and weight-distribution characteristics associated with electric sports cars.
  • Outstanding resistance to wear in response to the high torque and acceleration forces that typify this type of car.
  • The MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV’s very low rolling resistance extends range by up to 60 kilometers to enable drivers to enjoy the potential of their electric sports car to the full.
  • Twenty-percent less perceptible road noise thanks to MICHELIN Acoustic technology which takes the form of a custom-developed polyurethane foam that reduces cabin noise for even greater enjoyment behind the wheel of electric vehicles.



MICHELIN, the only tire brand currently operating in this field, plans to roll out the Pilot Sport EV throughout 2021 with a selection of 16 sizes for 18” to 22” rims (original equipment: 11 sizes / replacement market: 5 sizes). Positioned as a global tire, the Pilot Sport EV will hit Europe and North America later in 2021. For more details, visit










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