Morris Yachts Adds New M46 to its Award-Winning M-Series Line

Morris Yachts, one of America’s premier sailboat builders, announced today its all-new M46 Modern Classic.

Morris Yachts, one of America’s premier sailboat builders, announced today its all-new M46 Modern Classic which boasts a new design with never-before-seen innovations in a classic boat of her size range. Unveiled on the eve of the 2013 Maine Boat Builders Show in Portland, ME, the announcement of the M46 took place at a unique launch event and party attended by representatives from the offices of Maine Governor Paul LePage and Senator Susan Collins, as well as other prominent business leaders and members of the Morris family.

The M46 is a very different boat that broadens Morris’ internationally-recognized M-Series line, known for its breathtaking lines, elegant charm, timeless design and modern performance innovations. A true modern classic with genuine cruising capabilities and a racing pedigree, the new M46 kicks off a five-year company plan to revitalize and increase marine jobs in Maine by renewing the company’s focus on developing new products and technologies.

“The M46 is an excellent expression of our company’s ability to combine style, craftsmanship and performance in a way that nobody else in sailing can,” said Morris Yachts CEO Doug Metchick. “The M46 is an extraordinary design which encompasses many innovations that will find their way into our M-Series line for years to come.”

Innovative Design – Taking “modern classic” to a new level

The M46’s naval architecture was the first challenge for the Morris product development team. With the goal of designing a modern classic in the spirit of the company’s M-Series line, Morris set out to create an entirely new boat that fit into the range like a sister, not an identical twin. Increased sailing performance and a larger cabin were penned into a brief that also included Morris’ traditional hallmarks of blue-water seaworthiness, head-turning beauty and unmatched craftsmanship. Morris further mandated the boat include additional elements not often found in classic designs (such as a fold-down swim transom) to provide versatility and meet the demands of today’s active sailing family.

Performance – Who said good looks can’t go fast?

Working with legendary design firm Sparkman & Stephens, the result is a new hull design that includes a longer waterline, enhanced tumblehome and a more traditional bow than her predecessors with appendages that will guarantee an uncompromised sailing performance in a variety of conditions. Another benchmark was to achieve a lower displacement to length ratio for increased acceleration and improved performance. The new hull shape also provides a higher length to beam ratio resulting in less resistance and more overall speed. She is a true American original and built for performance, luxurious cruising and a versatile sailing lifestyle.

“The M46 is powered up, but easy and comfortable to sail in all conditions. She utilizes modern construction, hardware, rigging, and appendage design – and boasts a well-appointed interior and generous cockpit,” said Sparkman & Stephens’ Chief Architect, Brendan Abbott. “As a cruiser, she’ll make comfortable, relaxing, and speedy passages. As a racer, she’ll plow through a chop when it’s rough and ghost along in a light breeze… turning all heads as she goes.”


The Cabin – A penthouse you can take with you, feel free to spend the night

The arrangement of the M46 cabin is unique for a boat of her size. The M46 features two separate cabins with ensuite heads. The generous owner’s stateroom also includes a separate shower and dramatic lighting provided from large flush-mounted hatches above. The stunning main saloon is designed to provide extensive natural light and exceptional views outside from her four-window cabin top and above hatches. The dinette seats six, and can be converted into a double-berth for additional sleeping capacity. The “U” shaped galley provides all the amenities expected on a cruising boat including refrigeration, freezer, microwave, gimballed stove and ample counter space. The full navigation station also doubles as a home office with integrated wireless capabilities.

“Simply put the M46 is designed to provide safety and performance at sea while allowing for accommodations down below that rival boats 25% larger in her class,” said Sparkman & Stephens’ Chief Architect, Brendan Abbott.

Control Systems – The only fighting on this boat is over who gets to steer

Like her M-Series predecessors, the M46 includes the innovative line-handling and control systems that Morris is known for, allowing the boat to be sailed singlehanded or raced by a crew. All lines are fed to the captain’s station and integrated with push-button sail handling provided by electric winches. Responding easily to skipper inputs, the control system creates unparalleled connectivity to the sailing experience while delivering thrilling performance in every situation.

Styling – A great American classic that would make Gatsby proud

Morris Yachts’ President and Chief Development officer Cuyler Morris led the company’s design team and worked closely with Sparkman & Stephens to create the perfect blend of form and function. The result is a stunning and innovative design that still retains the DNA of Morris’ M-Series heritage. This is most noticeable in the boat’s profile where a classic short-trunk cabin with signature windows sits just forward of a generous cockpit and gracefully atop a gently upsloping hull, a clear tribute to sailing’s romantic era of the 1920’s and 30’s.

The entire boat, inside and out, features an incredible attention to detail (a Morris Difference), creating an allure for the most discerning of owners.

Versatility – Empowering the coastal lifestyle

While this new model shares traditional Morris quality, style, performance and seaworthiness, it maintains Morris’ philosophy of creating a unique identity for each boat. The M46 was designed to meets the needs of today’s coastal lifestyle.

This is notable in features like an innovative new fold-down transom, a specially designed Morris inflatable stand-up paddle board (iSUP) with a custom storage locker, a unique deck arrangement that features flush-mounted hatches to bathe the cabin in natural light and a sail plan that configures easily for day sailing or competitive offshore racing. The M46 was created with the understanding that today’s coastal family likes to mix it up – some days are for cruising, some are for racing and some are for just lying at anchor and enjoying a quick swim or cocktail with friends.

“We create different boats for different owners,” said Morris Yachts CEO, Doug Metchick. “The M46 was designed for the uncompromising owner who wants classic styling and beauty but also needs versatility in their sailing life.”

Personalization – Morris brings a Super Yacht approach to the mid-range

Morris brings a “Super Yacht approach” to every M46 owner. Each boat is personalized and built to suit the specific needs of her owners. Morris supports this by establishing a dedicated team to each new build, consisting of a dedicated project manager, naval architect and interior designer.

Like his father before him, Cuyler Morris is involved with each new boat and personally tracks its progress through the production process. By furthering the family approach to working with customers, Mr. Morris will personally lead a 2-3 day “Morris University” introduction to ensure that each new owner thoroughly understands how to properly sail their new boat. These introductory programs will be held at a location and venue of the owner’s choosing, and provide a level of confidence and “touch” not seen with any other boat builders of this size range.

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