One on One with Auto Expert Marcus Amick

By Viashaun Matthews, Howard University and Ford Media Intern

Multifaceted automobile expert and global media journalist Marcus Amick sat down with Automotive Rhythms and Ford Motor Company interns attending Howard University to provide insight into his 20 years of professional experience in and out of the automotive industry. As a person of color, he has covered the automobile world from many unique perspectives, including car reviews for magazines, industry perspectives, and lifestyle integrations.

He began his career as an automotive writer and reporter for the Michigan Chronicle in Detroit. Amick discussed how his former column, DriveTime, led him to success throughout his career. Amick’s Lifestyle Perspective, or his interpretation of looking at vehicles, drove him to discover interest touchpoints that simultaneously motivate consumers while connecting them into the industry’s coverage, which continues to shift at a fast pace.  

Amick desires to accomplish many things and explained the methods he uses to achieve all of his desires even during this global pandemic suppressing us. One of these guidelines is the Jay-Z Effect. Amick explains, “the Jay-Z Effect has long played a pivotal role in enabling me to more easily convey to companies the power that people of color have in shaping consumer behavior on a global level. “The Jay-Z Effect,” he continues, “captures the influence that the music, fashion, and business mogul has had on the media, which filters over to other sectors. Most of us know that the power and influence of Black culture extend well beyond Jay-Z. But when trying to convey that to certain entities beyond music, entertainment, and sports, I’ve always found that using Jay-Z’s influence as a market for the idea makes it easier to drive the point home, especially in the automotive world.” 

Amick’s words of encouragement and tools to success have made him an influential figure in the mobility industry. His ability to look beyond the present day, understand how the market shifts, and utilize his diversity experience has placed Amick ten steps ahead of the pack.

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