PlayStation Vita: The New Handheld Gaming Device

PlayStation Vita is one of the most anticipated mobile devices of 2012 and was a hot gadget at CES just this past month and receiving numerous recognitions including CNET’s Last Gadget Standing. Vita is poised to reclaim the portable gaming industry by having one of the greatest launch portfolios in the history of gaming—portable-wise and even in-home.


One of the more thrilling games launching with Vita is ModNation Racers, which brings endless hours of Kart racing to players’ fingertips, where creativity rules on and off the track. Get on the starting grid of over 300,000 tracks available online or just race in the competitive circuit. Race with a new set of controls enhanced with the PS Vita’s array of features, including touch control, Six-axis steering and social media tools like ModTraveler and ModMiles.

Vita supports the well-connected home on the road – it is true gaming at its core, as home theaters and gaming systems work seamlessly with the handheld through cross-play technology. Now you can take your living rooms on the road and in your cars by starting games at home on the PS3 and picking them up where you left off on Vita (and vice versa).

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