Polestar 2 Includes Premium Audio Experience from Harman Kardon

Polestar 2 presents a new take on various audio functions that contribute to its premium package, working with high-quality components and the latest technology to design and integrate advanced audio. With Polestar 2, digital sound engineers were presented with the opportunity to create a new soundscape for the car. Warning, notification and functional sounds have a robotic, digital feel while remaining clean and clear – and they are unique to Polestar.

“We wanted the sounds inside Polestar 2 to reflect our minimalist and digital nature,” continues Thomas Ingenlath. “When you listen to the tone of the various notes, they sound clean and high-tech. Their clarity also enhances safety by alerting the driver with sharp, distinct sounds.”

Premium audio is part of the Plus Pack offered in the Polestar 2. A 13-speaker, 600-watt Harman Kardon sound system elevates the audio experience and features unique technology. A ventilated subwoofer in the rear body cavity provides high-quality bass, and a second, air-powered subwoofer placed ahead of the dashboard changes the way the audio experience could be engineered as well.

Not only notable for its exceptional audio quality, the Harman Kardon system also presented Polestar’s interior designers with an opportunity to do things differently. Speakers are hidden in strategic locations in the cabin. For example, front door speakers, which usually take up valuable space that could otherwise be utilized for storage, are positioned higher up on the door panels and behind premium textile covers. This frees up space in the lower door pocket and contributes to the overall design theme inside Polestar 2.

Each front door features a polished metal button, inspired by high-end fashion and embossed with the Harman Kardon ‘60°’ motif. This motif is repeated on the speaker grille atop the dashboard, where the Harman Kardon logo subtly indicates the premium audio system’s origins.

Much like other digital components in Polestar 2, Over-the-Air (OTA) updates allow improvements and new developments to the audio system to be rolled out remotely to owners. A new surround sound mode was included in Polestar’s February 2021 release, and further updates will be included over time.

Audio development extends further than the sounds created inside Polestar 2 – it also encompasses the sounds that make their way into the cabin from outside. With the lack of engine noise, the ability to create a peaceful soundscape is easier than ever before – but the silent running presents other audio challenges.

In order to reduce intrusive road-noise, the battery pack itself has been integrated into the NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) solution. Interior noise levels are lower by 3.7 dB compared to an equivalent combustion engine vehicle, further allowing sound engineers to create a specific experience for Polestar 2 occupants.

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