Super Bowl XLV Recap: The Porsche Performance Experience

The 2011 Porsche Performance Experience, held at the luxurious Rosewood Crescent Hotel in Dallas, Texas during Super Bowl XLV had more stars in motion than any Cowboys’ football game to date! Celebrities such as Adam Sandler, Andy Roddick, David Spade, Adrian Peterson and many more became a part of the influential experience. Wednesday, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo scooped up superstar running back Adrian Peterson and then displayed itself at the Jordin Sparks Charity event, while Thursday the Panamera showed off at the Unsung Athlete Awards with Tony Gonzalez and Jay Richardson. Friday through Sunday, Automotive Rhythms ride & drive integrated over 100 individuals with the 14-car Porsche fleet despite the ice covered streets and the unexpected 5-7 inches of snow!
See you next year in Indianapolis.

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