TAG Heuer Eyewear Introduces Squadra Night Vision Glasses: Optimized Vision For a 24-Hour Edge


World’s First Ophthalmic Mask Specifically for Night Driving Wins Prestigious Award and Gives Everyday Drivers Enhanced Night Visibility

Stylish, contrast-enhancing eyewear is no longer limited to daylight hours. TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear has created Squadra Night Vision – the world’s first ophthalmic mask made specifically for night driving. This high-performance eyewear combines proven technologies for ergonomics and comfort, with contrast-increasing lenses to enhance night-driving safety. Utilizing patented technology, TAG Heuer Night Vision is the first in the world to provide a correction for “universal nocturnal myopia” – the tendency of human eyes to lose sharp distance viewing at night – while better distinguishing contrasts in the dark, reducing eye fatigue. The Squadra Night Vision’s innovative design and performance has received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award from among 4000 entries from 40 countries.

The Squadra Night Vision eyewear fits comfortably and securely with a flexible titanium inner arm, overmolded by a hard outer elastomere and a soft composite inner rubber.  Ideal for under-the-helmet wear, TAG Heuer was the 2010 Official Partner to record-breaking motor-racing team Audi Sport, who swept the podium at the 78th edition of 24 Hours of Le Mans while wearing Squadra Night Vision glasses. Squadra is also the preferred eyewear of the 2004 NASCAR Cup Champion, Kurt Busch.

By working with professional drivers like these, TAG Heuer has perfected its Night Vision lenses to offer constant clear, sharp vision that maximizes performance from dusk to dawn. Now, you don’t have to be a professional driver to benefit from Squadra Night Vision. The new TAG Heuer Squadra Night Vision collection is available at authorized retailers nationwide. Shields are available in two shapes and offer a combined black and yellow temple.  MSRP: $450.

TAG Heuer – maker of high-end sports watches and chronographs since 1860 – has beenapplying the same standards for design and quality found in their timepieces to the creation of exceptional eyewear since 2002. All TAG Heuer “Avant-Garde” Eyewear lenses are shatter-resistant, ultra-light and provide 100% UV-A and UV-B protection. TAG Heuer Eyewear is available at authorized retailers nationwide. For more information on TAG Heuer Eyewear’s full line of sunglasses and eyeglasses, and to locate authorized retailers, visit


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