TAG Heuer “Avant-Garde” Eyewear introduces Squadra, a collection of innovative sunwear ideal for under-the-helmet wear. Derived from the Italian word for “team,” the Squadra collection is a true example of the sum being greater than the whole of its high-tech parts. Bi-inflection of a flexible titanium inside arm overmolded by a hard outer elastomere and a soft composite inner rubber yields stunning results:

• Incredible fit, thanks to soft hypoallergenic material in contact with the skin
• Temple resilience and durability, due to strong external material
• Supreme comfort and hold, produced by the beta titanium arm and auto-adjustable temples

In addition to being the first TAG Heuer Eyewear collection to feature bi-inflection temples, the Squadra models also offer ophthalmic-quality clarity of vision and superior levels of protection. The premier quality, shock-resistant shield offers uninterrupted vision and provides significant protection against wind and dangerous UV A- B and C rays.

Kimi Räikkönen, Formula One racer and TAG Heuer Eyewear brand ambassador, will be seen sporting Squadra sunwear during the season – as well as in the new TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear ad campaign, “The Race Is Endless.”  The TAG Heuer Squadra collection MSRP: $350. Shields are available in five shapes, in gray or brown, and can be fitted in temples boasting a wide variety of color combination options.

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