Tesla Launches New Dealership in Washington, D.C.

Tesla Motors, a technology leader in the electric car arena, comes to the Nation’s Capitol with a spanking new dealership at 1050 “K” Street Northwest.
At a recent launch party, Tesla CEO Elon Musk welcomed a crowd of politicians, influencers and U.S. Government officials. There were many from NASA, who came to hear about progress with the SpaceX project, a private venture collaboration headed by Musk to send equipment and eventually astronauts into space as NASA seeks to privatize elements of the Space Program.
The D.C. showroom is Tesla’s 16th store worldwide. The new D.C. location will also serve as a regional hub for the “Tesla Rangers,” who travel to customers’ homes to perform annual inspections, firmware upgrades and other services. This so-called “house call” approach to customer service shows Tesla’s excellent commitment to customer service. Though future models from Tesla will be sold for less than $100K, early adopters to this technology shelled out more than 100 large, and this level of special treatment will go a long way to keeping them in the Tesla fold.
On display at the launch party was the upcoming Tesla S luxury vehicle, variations of the current Roadster and Roadster Sport, and the SpaceX “Dragon” Space Capsule.
Musk is optimistic about the future of both ventures, and given his start with the sensational Roadster, we see no reason to doubt his enthusiasm!

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