The Amazing Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II: Sound is Power


Experienced by Kimatni Rawlins

Truly amazing! As a music enthusiast and believer that sound is the most potent force on Earth, I was enamored while testing the fitment, noise-cancellation capabilities, and advanced technology of the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II. Bose hosted the world premier and international media unveil of the new product at The Glass House in NY for tech and lifestyle journalists interested in the evolution of its in-ear headphones. To say the least, everyone was blown away!

From the QC over-ear phones you see everyone rocking on airplanes to portable Bluetooth speakers to vehicle sound systems, Bose has become a household name and brand. After all, they are the innovators of noise cancellation. But it took them a while to perfect wireless, Bluetooth earbuds as the first products were heavy and bulky. My primary usage is for sports and fitness performance, which requires a sweat-resistant bud that is light and devoid of muffling. Well, the wait is finally over with the latest QuietComfort Earbuds II, which launches this month in Triple Black for $299. A Soapstone (white) hue comes later in the year.


During the demos, Bose invited us into a studio theater experience where we inserted the comforting earbuds while watching a movie. With its refreshed design, they are 1/3rd smaller than the prior model and much lighter. With six hours of charge time, the buds rest in the pocket-fitting charging case for 24 hours of total energy. Customized personally for your ear lobe and canal, Bose CustomTune sound calibration technology reduces noise across all environments so your music is played exactly how the composers intended it to be. In addition, the technology measures your ears and corrects atmospheric sounds as soon as you put the buds on.


Two modes – Aware mode and Quiet mode – further elevate the intelligence of the QuietComfort Earbuds II. Quiet mode kicks in immediately while turning off the maximum amount of external noise. It was astonishing that this minuscule device produced such clear and precise audio from our playlist while a loud movie was playing in the background. Conversely, Aware mode allows you to hear your surroundings naturally without that muffled sensation. Actually, you forget that the buds are in when you switch to Aware mode. Modes can be manipulated through the buds directly using the intuitive capacitive touch controls or the Bose Music app for adjustment of the ten noise canceling levels.


“Since we brought noise cancellation to market, we’ve remained passionate about pushing boundaries in engineering, technology, and design – and the QuietComfort Earbuds II are the latest result of that commitment,” said Raza Haider, chief product officer for Bose. “We believe in the power of sound – it can transport you to your favorite concert, evoke a meaningful memory, or simply brighten your mood.”


Yes, the comfort and fitment of earbuds are just as important as sound quality. A new Eartip Fit Kit ascertains that each owner receives tailoring from a two-piece eartip, a stability band that mirrors the contour of your ear, and a silicone eartip shaped like an umbrella to form an airtight seal so the QuietComfort Earbuds II refrain from wiggling. Furthermore, the Bose Fit Kit provides three tip sizes and three stability bands for additional customization. Also, with an IPX4 rating, the buds resist moisture from drips, splashes, sweat, and sprays. Lastly, a range of 30 feet is attainable from Bluetooth 5.3 for a strong and constant connection.

I’ve had every earbud in my ears whether Apple Airpods, JBL Reflect Flow Pro, or Beats Studio Buds, but the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II are superior to them all. Of course, you will pay much more than the competitors, but they are worth the experience in every respect. For more info or ordering, visit


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