The Odyssey of Pioneers: TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster Adventure

TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster Adventure
Throughout the summer, the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster was driven across the US and stopped in cities nationwide, including Malibu, CA and Miami, where TAG Heuer hosted exclusive cocktail receptions. It was the leader of a roadshow exhibiting TAG Heuer historical and current timepieces, celebrating the brand’s 150th anniversary. New York was the last stop in the US.
After a short visit of Manhattan, the TAG Heuer Tesla roadster was driven to the Hamptons, in Amagansett, where TAG Heuer hosted and invitation-only event, held at a private estate. Golden Globe, Emmy and Tony award-winning actress Mary Louise Parker, Musician Charlie Mars, Grammy nominated R+B singer Maxwell, Ed Westwick, star of the hit TV show “Gossip Girls”, Hilary Rhoda, supermodel, and Cornelia Guest, New York social influencer and philanthropist, were among the elite guests who came to celebrate the anniversary.
“The Odyssey of Pioneers was a dream: the first world tour of a 100% electric GT car, leading a mythical exhibition of our very best watches and chronographs. Now that the journey step by step reaches its end, the dream becomes reality!” said Jean-Christophe Babin, President & CEO of TAG Heuer SA.
The TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster will travel to London and then Paris for the arrival of its global journey, which will be celebrated on the September 29, at the LVMH Headquarters, 22 Montaigne. At the Odyssey’s completion, the car will have traveled more than 25,000 miles over three continents. Congratulations to the US team! Follow the Odyssey at and

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