Touring Croatia in a Continental GTC

touring croatia in a Bentley continental GTC

The appreciation of visiting Bentley at its factory in Crewe is one thing. Flying over the Adriatic Sea to get to Pula, Croatia to experience and drive their new 2012 Continental GTC is another. Not long ago this country was engaged in a fierce war. It was all too surreal, since I had just recently watched ESPN’s Once Brothers, an epic tale about deceased Croatian NBA sharp shooter Dražen Petrovi? and Serbian/Yugoslav player Vlade Divac. An undiscovered landmark on the European map, Croatia is full of energetic tourism and is geographically one of the most extraordinary locations I’ve ever laid eyes on. Our stay in Rovinj at the Hotel Montel Mulini off the Adriatic Sea was a picture perfect rendition of what you would see on the Travel Channel. Croatia is also one of a few parts of the world where you can find delectable truffles due to the soil and weather. Actually, the world record for the largest truffle was recorded here.

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On the eve of our drive tour through Croatia, the Bentley staff opened the floor to their Chairman and Chief Executive, Wolfgang Dürheimer, who emphatically briefed us on the company’s positive outlook and growth, and to present the second generation Continental GTC. He spoke with great passion and vigor. And since driving the $212,800 super convertible, I can truly relate to his enthusiasm. Simply put, the GTC is open-top luxury redefined.

There was little enjoyable music on the Croatian radio stations, so I plugged in my iPhone and let the bass vibrate through the high-end Naim audio system. A convertible must have powerful sounds and this one does, employing defense technology utilized for helicopter sound deadening. The locals must have thought we were shooting a music video. Not only that, but the 8” navigation touchscreen is enhanced by Google Earth, so there was no chance of becoming lost in this foreign country. I was quite amazed at the detailed graphics. The second set of “turn by turn” instructions that appear in a micro window over the comforting steering wheel is a definite plus.

Time is moving slowly as I take in the beauty of the region and the exquisiteness of the GTC. The strong wind and fresh air from the Adriatic Sea infuses my thought processes. If I were to deliver a discourse on the new Continental GTC, it would go something like this. “The Winged B: Its immense merits are sure to leave an inspirational imprint on the entire luxury market. Simply put, it is fluent in excellence.” Sadly, it is now time to board our jet home. Until we meet again Croatia.

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