2nd Annual ART-of-Motion News Interviews: 2017 Washington Auto Show

ART-of-Motion Sizzle Video: 2017 Washington Auto Show

Take a quick peek at the custom, fashion and artistic features highlighted in the ART-of-Motion exhibit by Automotive Rhythms and throttle life for the 2017 Washington Auto Show. We’re showcasing custom McLarens and Porsches, wrapping Mazdas and painting live on Jaguars, MINIs, Kias and Prius Primes! It’s amazing.

CBS WUSA9 News Feature: ART-of-Motion at the 2017 Washington Auto Show

CBS reporter Stephanie Gailhard speaks with the publisher of Automotive Rhythms, Kimatni D. Rawlins, who spearheaded the Washington Auto Show’s second annual “ART-of-Motion” exhibit. Incorporating live painting, art cars, wrapped vehicles, custom vehicles, slingshots and motorcycle, the display is an avant-garde design experience that befits the culture and imagination of the Washington, D.C. area as it hosts a tier-one show on the global auto show circuit.

WJLA ABC 7 News Feature: ART-of-Motion at the 2017 Washington Auto Show

Automotive Rhythms’ Kimatni Rawlins speaks with ABC 7’s Veronica Johnson who recently visited ART-of-Motion, an exhibit manifested to uplift and inspire the next generation of innovators and creative minds including Jamaal Lamaaj, Shawn Perkin, and Edward Joseph. During the 2017 Washington Auto Show each spent time with the youth to help magnify their diverse imaginations while painting on a wrapped Jaguar XE, MINI Cooper, Kia Cadenza and Toyota Prius Prime. Our artsy Mazda MX-5 by students from Georgetown’s art department is pretty swanky as well.———–

Creative Kia Cadenza at ART-of-Motion: 2017 Washington Auto Show

Washington, DC based painter Superwaxx is masterminding Automotive Rhythms’ long-term 2017 Kia Cadenza with fluid technique and artistry in the ART-of-Motion exhibit at the 2017 Washington Auto Show. SUPERK!A is a visual narrative that celebrates Kia’s influence on the automotive industry. The design which is inspired by KIA’s Korean roots and KIA Motorsports Racing program, reflects the artist’s bold and animated signature style. SUPERWAXX creates a one of a kind painting by referencing the artistic imagery of traditional Korean script, vintage race car patterns, and retro cartoon aesthetic that fuses Korean culture with the KIA legacy as well as the SUPERWAXX vision.

ART-of-Motion Crowds at the 2017 Washington Auto Show

In cooperation with Automotive Rhythms, the trendsetting urban automotive media group, the cutting-edge art car display AKA “ART-of-Motion” features over 12,000-square-feet of experiential graphic backdrops consisting of motorcycles, autos, fashion and murals. A highly notable group of artists are showcasing their live talents in ART-of-Motion. Nationally celebrated painter, Edward Joseph aka “Ed the Artist” is an abstract visualizer that specializes in lines that seek influence using shapes, forms, colors and textures. Shawn Mitchell Perkins aka “SP the Plug” will bring his style of abstract, graffiti and realism to the exhibit using mostly oil and some acrylic paint. In addition, Jamaal Newman aka “Jamaal Lamaaj” will offer his famed realism style for his creative works and Suite Nation will bring a cadre of creators to the Washington Convention Center for this monumental showcase including American artist SUPERWAXX who is better known for her collective works which display a signature style that incorporate cartoon like aesthetics to narrate various subjects and topics often pertaining to historical or personal events.

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