A Night of Art with the Chrysler 300C: Velvet Red Pearl “Mopar” Edition


Experience and Photos by Adrian McQueen

Out for a night on the town with the Automotive Rhythms 2015 Chrysler 300C I had the pleasure of attending the Show’N’Tell art showcase at the Fridge DC which is new art gallery, performance space, music venue and classroom located on Barracks Row in the historic Eastern Market neighborhood of Washington, DC. The Fridge is dedicated to making the arts accessible to everyone and fosters community dialogue by serving as a creative lab for expression through art.

On my way down I had a chance to get into the zone with the Harman Kardon 19-speaker system with GreenEdge. I must say that this sound system is top notch as I grooved to the rumbling bass and crystal clear acoustics blaring from the speakers. The Harman Kardon system kicks out 900 watts of power from a 12-channel amplifier through seven 3.5-inch midrange speakers and five subwoofers. Let me add that the 3.5-inch midrange speakers have seven integrated 90mm midrange speakers with 19mm tweeters. The GreenEdge technology makes for an efficient sound experience by combining new environmentally friendly design with dramatic energy savings.

2015 Chrysler 300SThis art showcase was curated by Marlon White, with Ed the Artist headlining with a live body paint session. Art pieces were exhibited by Mong Linh, Lex Marie, Rikassi, Mayo and Ed the Artist. The Fridge is tucked in an alley directly off 8th street but you can’t miss it with the large art murals painted  over the building. Paintings from each visualizer were showcased throughout the venue with Ed performing live body paint on the main stage and a DJ playing hits with the open bar powered by Nuvo. This exclusive event was filled with local tastemakers, artists, musicians, models and art lovers. As most art events go this was set in an intimate environment that provided a comfortable vibe.

Ed arrived back to his hometown from Atlanta, GA to show off his artistic talent. As an abstract artist, he specializes in lines that seek to achieve an influence using shapes, forms, colors and textures.

show-n-tell-14Carol “Mong Linh” Nguyen is an eclectic Vietnamese artist reigning from the District. She pushes the envelope with daring designs to break the stigma towards human sexuality. Utilizing mediums ranging from acrylics to digital pieces our most intimate ventures are exploited through atypical color combinations and distinctive clean cut line work.

Lex Marie is designer working in a variety of mediums, primarily sculpture. She was born and raised in the Metropolitan area and graduated in 2013 from the University of Maryland, College Park with a bachelor of arts and a concentration in painting.


The artist Rikasso is known for his clothing line, Designer Roses, and the paintings that have been showcased at numerous art shows. Major Mayo is an emerging artist, producer and rapper who showcases various aspects of his skillset including graphic design, marketing and branding.

It was indeed a pleasure for Ed inviting Automotive Rhythms and introducing me to such creative minds. It was another perfect combination between automotive and art. He actually wants to put his talents to work on the panels of our Chrysler 300!


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