Actor Omar Miller and the Audi S7


When I turned in my 7 Series BMW I felt a little eager to test drive several vehicles in search of my next love. I started my quest at the Collection in Miami where I drove the Porsche 911 and Panamera S.  Both vehicles performed admirably but didn’t quite feel right. Part of me wondered if my brief journey was already over. Then I saw an Automotive Rhythms post on the RS 7 so I explored more. Luckily there was an Audi dealership close by. I thought it might be worth my time to look into which sporty vehicles they had to offer. The salesman directed me to the S7 and it was love at first sight. Before taking off I received a tutorial on all of the exclusive features and options the vehicle possessed. I was blown away!

I placed the S7 in sport mode and was suddenly made aware of the power and intelligence of Audi engineering.  Needless to say, upon returning home to California I received my custom S7 with all the bells and whistles and have been enjoying in-seat massages and voice commanded online searches ever since.  Now, I find myself driving the Audi more often than any of my other vehicles. It is quickly becoming my favorite car of all time. Its performance keeps me satisfied while the spacious cabin provides adequate comfort for my 6’5” frame. I’m glad I joined the Audi family and look forward to whatever cutting edge vehicles are up next.


Omar Miller

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