Autobahn Indoor Speedway and Events: Race Ready Fun from Novice to Professional

Experienced by Leon L. Brittain

Looking for an exciting karting encounter to feed your need for speed? Well, look no further than your neighborhood Autobahn Indoor Speedway and Events. With one session you will quickly discover the disparity between Autobahn and other go-kart facilities such as the professionally designed grand prix tracks with Formula 1 inspired and state-of-the-art karts. But, don’t let this caliber of amenities intimidate you since drivers of all levels from novice to professional are welcome. I had the pleasure of participating firsthand on both levels and was not disappointed.

A year or so ago I joined a few friends for a day of competitive racing at the Autobahn. We all have raceway experience so it was an all-out duel to the finish complete with recorded lap times, pole positions and track guides with the race associated flags including green, the cautionary yellow, the dreaded black and of course the coveted checkered flag.

Since a special occasion was steadfastly approaching I had a thought. For my son’s 10th birthday he wanted to step up from the local amusement karts for a different go-kart thrill. Although he has dibbled and dabbled with go-karts previously I knew he’d enjoy the Autobahn. At first I was a bit nervous that this level would be too much for his party crew in route to our local Autobahn Indoor Speedway and Events in Jessup, MD. Well, the answer was a resounding thumbs-up from his entire entourage with the use of the track’s junior karts for racers at least 48” tall. It was nothing but excitement from beginning to end during each step of the process from the licensing to helmet selection. Even the head sock for safety and hygiene was opportunistic for them to feel like Kyle Busch.

After strapping in with the 3-point safety harness they made their way onto the track for a warm up lap, anxiously awaiting the green flag to signal that they were clear to let loose. This was their moment of opportunity to witness the hairpin curves and quick lines of the Monaco and Le Mans circuits. Upon completion of each race their faces lit up as they looked for the results on the monitors. To say they were excited afterwards would be an understatement!

The trip home was filled with fun chatter of who had the fastest kart and technique. In particular, my son was most impressed with the mechanics of the track and the inclusion of various flags to wave them on throughout their runs. Needless to say an Autobahn rematch has already been spoken up, which I happily look forward to thanks in part to the professional, knowledgeable and courteous staff who helped ascertain that the party crew had a great, safe and fun experience.

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