Big Air: The Power of the New MacBook Air

The tech universe got bumped onto its ear a couple years ago when Apple introduced their first MacBook Air model.  The diminutive laptop was underpowered, underconnected, yet perfectly sized, drool-worthy and pricey.

Fast forward a bit to 2010. The iPad tablet was introduced last winter and suddenly the Air lost its mystique. Anyone could sit in their living room and surf the ‘Net, play games, watch videos and actually get some work done without paying $2000 for a thin and light computer. Trouble with the iPad was its non-existent multitasking, the missing applications for performing regular business tasks and the same complaint I had of the first MacBook Air – a lack of connectors. We now have been presented with an answer from Steve Jobs. The New MacBook Air.

It’s light, it’s powerful, it’s sleek and it costs a mere (relatively) $1000.

SRSLY! The tech world for me has changed dramatically. I no longer lust after an iPad (although I wouldn’t turn one down), and I may have very well found the device that’s going to let me be most efficient on the road. In fact, Automotive Rhythms’ president and publisher Kimatni Rawlins chose an 11” Air as his road companion and actually gave his iPad to his two daughters. How noble!

Let’s look at the W’s…

What – MacBook Air has a flash-based drive, monitor out connectors, fits in an envelope and is seemingly made of a single chunk of aluminum.

Why – For me, I’m traveling to conferences (Auto shows and more) throughout the year. I hate hate hate lugging my 6-lb MacBook around convention centers. With the Air because I can go light and still have the connectivity and power needed to write blog posts, file stories and even process photos and video.

When – Do it now. If you’ve been on the fence between the iPad and Air, take a second look. And if you’ve on the fence between a MacBook Pro and Air, figure out what you need more power for. The Air can be backed up regularly with inexpensive external hard drives giving you freedom and speed.

How – Just wander into an Apple Store and play with one. It got me hooked…and I’ve played with every Mac since the Mac Plus in the late 80s. Does this mean I won’t run out of space on the small flash hard drive or be a little tweaked that the speed isn’t as blazing as a more full-featured machine? No, I’ll still be excited about the Macs with all the bells and whistles. But I can tell you here and now that I’m gonna be smiling that my back doesn’t hurt after walking around SEMA, CES and other events. And I know the move to the Air will only be an improvement over some of the ways in which I work.

“What do you mean?” you say. That’s right! The Air will be a great improvement for me – as this post was written on an iPhone using a BlueTooth keyboard in a hotel while on the road to another conference. See how the right tech can improve the way you work. You might be surprised.


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