Brembo Life Jacket: Safety jacket becomes a fashion item

Brembo safety jackets

Times are changing, yet getting safer! Introducing the Brembo Life Jacket, the first collection of airbag jackets designed with safety of the urban motorcyclist in mind: protection, plus maximum comfort and style.

The Brembo Life Jacket is the name given to an innovative collection of jackets incorporating a safety system in the form of an invisible airbag: if an accident should happen, the bag is deployed immediately by an inertia reel device, inflating automatically to protect the upper body. The collection includes jackets of contemporary design — ideal for wearing about town, where motorcyclists need to know they can count on safety apparel that is also elegant and stylish. In reality, it is on city streets that the majority of accidents involving motorcycles tend to occur.

The Brembo Life Jacket responds to the need for protection of the torso — chest and back — and of the neck and head. These parts of the body suffer almost 50% of injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents and, above all, are most seriously affected in the event of collisions. It is these concerns that are addressed by the range of Brembo Life Jackets: 3 models for men and 2 models for women, offered in 6 colors (black, white, blue, red, silver grey and sand mélange). The fabric is Oxford nylon with a Teflon core. All models are enhanced by careful attention to detail, typified by the adoption of ultra tough waterproof zips, with a flatlock fastener that ensures the jacket will not burst open even under stress.

Innovations include:

  • Activation speed – airbag inflates fully in 80 milliseconds.
  • Invisible airbag – Brembo R&D design engineers have minimized the dimensions of the airbag and trigger, to the point that the safety system built into these new jackets is hardly noticeable.
  • Light and comfortable – all models are exceptionally lightweight, even with the airbag system incorporated. The lightest jacket of the range weighs little more than 1 kg, and the heaviest, less than 1.5 kg.

The entire collection is available at selected fashion stores and motorcycle outfitters worldwide, and purchasable online.

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