“ChargeIt! Jump” Portable Charger will Awaken Your Ride

Handy, Dependable and Lightweight Power Pack for Jump-Starting Cars, Boats, Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, and Electronics

ChargeIt! Jump

Experienced by Leon Brittain

We love technology and innovation here at Automotive Rhythms, especially when it works. Next up was a quick test of the ChargeIt! Jump which now lives up to its name. At first the team was apprehensive with the thought that this small, hand-held charger would provide enough juice to power up a vehicle. Yet, I gave it a go first on a few vehicles that we purposely let die and wah lah. Each started up with no qualms including a Mercedes-Benz and a Passat!

Engineered by Digital Treasures, maker of innovative accessories and products for computers, tablets, and smartphones, the ChargeIt! Jump also fuels digital devices such as Kindle Fire Tablets, Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxys. It is designed with a 3-in-1 charging cable (USB to Mirco-USB / Apple 30-pin / Apple 8-pin charging cable), jumper cables and a strobe light / ultra-bright LED flashlight for those inconvenient times when you need an evening kick-start. I keep the pack — stores compactly in a zippered case with its accessories — either in the car of the week I am testing or sometimes in my pocket when the iPhone needs life.

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The portable power pack and jump-starter gets its mojo from a “fast power release” 7500mAh lithium polymer battery, which stores 400 peak amps of reliable energy. It is known for jumping a cadre of vehicles on just one charge. Speaking of, the ChargeIt! Jump keeps its charge unlike many conventional and much bigger products that die quickly and basically need to be attached to an outlet more often than not. A 5-bar indicator notifies you of the charge levels so you can re-energize the unit through either the standard wall charger or the cigarette lighter adapter so it’s ready upon request. “Our goal is always reliability and performance. We aren’t some ‘me too’ company – our products are the best you’ll find in any channel,” stated Brian Austin, president of Digital Treasures. “That’s why we involved independent, third-party testing to verify that the ChargeIt! Jump can jump-start multiple vehicles – including trucks and SUVs – multiple times on a single charge. No one else can make that claim.”

Priced at $119.00, the ChargeIt! Jump can be purchased at Amazon, Sam’s Club, Brookstone, or Digital Treasures Web Store. More importantly, it is UL verified and third-party tested by the National Analysis Center and Intertek for safety and function.

For more information on the convenient technology visit Enjoy!

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