Lincoln Black Label and Fellow Barber Experience


Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins

The Black Label brand is the ultimate expression of Lincoln Luxury and personifies everything from custom curated designs and tailored interiors to distinctive accessories and elevated customer service at the dealer level. An automotive experience should be one that mirrors the owner’s typical lifestyle attributes and expectations. Lincoln Black Label does that precisely.

While communicating Lincoln’s identity within the world of New York’s social elite, the purveyor of opulent, American sedans and SUVs collaborated with Fellow Barber and owner Sam Buffa to offer VIPs, media and connoisseurs of the finer things in life their “Attention To Detail Event” featuring complimentary hair cuts, trims and styling tips from Buffa and celebrity wardrobe stylist Rachel Johnson who consults with athletes such as Victor Cruz, Chris Bosh, Jalen Rose and Lebron James to name a few. Rachel provided guests with deep insight on what influences her craft as it relates to menswear, like abiding timepieces, vintage cufflinks, classy bowties, smart eyewear, trendy fedoras and simple note pads for original, handwritten thank you wishes to her clients and partners. She goes on to list key indicators and traits that dictate gentlemen with confidence from their posture and signature scent to trendsetting fashion to express themselves in defining ways.


The upscale men’s salon located in New York and San Francisco replicates equivalent pillars and themes as Lincoln while targeting customers from the realm of young, ambitious professionals. Invitees were picked up and escorted in Lincoln utilities and greeted to an ambience of grooming, healthy, gourmet foods — for instance the quinoa salad — swag bags and softly-tuned jazz music. My barber blessed me with a mustache and beard trim and a razor cut baldie. It was truly a refreshing afternoon before leaving the Big Apple for my hometown in Silver Spring, MD. Throughout April, current Lincoln Black Label owners can also receive complimentary treatment at Fellow Barber locations in the two aforementioned cities.


Black Label is a new, avant-garde interpretation on Lincoln vehicles and provides customers with a dedicated Service Liaison Team that can set up car washes and detailing service, dining experiences and vehicle pickup and drop-offs for maintenance needs. Design themes that may be fitting to your specific outlook in life are Thoroughbred, Muse, Center Stage, Modern Heritage, Indulgence and Oasis.

It’s your time to shine so make sure to do so with a luxury vehicle brand that outlines your persona. Lincoln Black Label may just be your calling.

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