Michelle Rodriguez Pushes 2017 Jaguar F-TYPE SVR to 200 MPH Limit

This past week on the eve of the NY Auto Show media preview we spent intimate time with the prodigious 2017 Jaguar F-Type SVR. At 200 mph it’s the fastest Jaguar F-TYPE on set and runs 0 to 60 mph in a mere 3.5 seconds. Pricing for the coupe is $126,000 and $128,000 for the convertible and goes on sale this summer in the U.S.

However, it was our Fast and Furious friend that had the most impeccable experience with the new Jaguar. On a closed highway in the Nevada desert, home to the world-renowned Silver State Classic Challenge road race, actress Michelle Rodriguez pushed the F-TYPE SVR Coupe to its top speed with the speedometer indicating 201 mph – a personal top speed for the star. “Driving this car was insane! I’ve now broken my personal speed record in the beautiful Jaguar F-TYPE SVR,” stated Rodriguez. “Reaching 201mph felt amazing, the car drove really smoothly, all my corrections were minimal, I was super focused, and it really reacted in all the right ways. I don’t think I’d ever go this fast without a professional driver seated next to me, but oh man, it was an incredible feeling.”

Developed by Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations to be lighter (by up to 110 lbs.) quicker, faster and more powerful while remaining useable day-to-day, the F-TYPE SVR elevates the F-TYPE model range as the ultimate Jaguar sports car. The F-TYPE SVR is the first Jaguar SVR and fastest F-TYPE ever. Using a 575 horsepower 5-liter supercharged V8, AWD and unique aerodynamic features such as the Active Rear Wing, acceleration from 0-60 mph takes just 3.5 seconds, and, in coupe trim, the new Jaguar joins an elite club of cars capable of accelerating to 200 mph.

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Other new and beneficial features include a “higher thermal capacity” Titanium exhaust system with quad pipes, twin rear silencers (35 lbs. lighter) and a harder edged exhaust note, greater chassis stiffness, hood louvers for engine cooling, a wide front bumper to cover more of the front wheels, staggered 20” rims with an open spoke design for optimal cooling, a 6-piston front and 4-piston rear braking system and Dynamic mode with a special track setting.

John Edwards, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations, stated: “Building upon the award-winning F-TYPE was a challenging objective. Everything in terms of handling, design, sound and performance had to be taken to a new level, and is what the new F-TYPE SVR delivers. It is a 200 mph supercar, but above all one that is designed to be driven every day.”

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