Shawn “The Matrix” Marion

It was very cold in Dallas during Automotive Rhythms visit for an entertaining weekend. Very cold! But that didn’t stop Shawn “The Matrix” Marion as he warmed up the lane with an easy layup against the Utah Jazz. By the time the buzzer sounded the Mavericks had extended their win streak to 12 games. Of course I was routing for a Dallas win so Marion would be in happy spirits for our interview at his immaculate brick house the next morning. And indeed he was, telling AR his passion for cars and performance. A Porsche fan by nature, The Matrix buys all his vehicles in cash. He doesn’t like payments we’re told. A white Panamera is his latest inheritance. Soon, Automotive Rhythms will have the baller on the track to showcase the sporting characteristics of his German 4-door. Marion also owns a custom white HUMMER H2, a white Ferrari California, a Maserati GT and a few throwbacks. Must be nice! Time to head out to Cowboys  Stadium to see the Eagles dismantle the Boys! Shawn asks us if our Cadillac Escalade ESV was rented since we were from out of town. “Of course not,” we replied. “It’s what we do. See you at the game!”


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