The Luxurious Genesis Lounge at The Shilla Seoul

For aficionados of Korean luxury automaker Genesis Motors, make sure you pay home to one of South Korea’s most elegant properties, The Shilla Seoul, where you will sleep in stately quarters and transition into bliss at the therapeutic spa. Traditional heritage meets elegant luxury here, including 17 opulent designer brand shops such as Graff, Moynat, and Hermès. The Shilla Seoul represents the ancient Shilla Dynasty, equating to the golden age of prosperity.

More importantly, the Genesis Lounge is located on the fifth floor and represents an escape for membership-only G90 Long Wheel Base model proprietors. The lounge consists of an eclectic meeting room, an entertainment area featuring McIntosh professional sound equipment and state-of-the-art metal speakers crafted by renowned sound master Guk-il Yu,  a fine dining room, and of course, a bar serving up over 40 different types of single-malt whisky and wine from 17 countries.  

Genesis G90 Long Wheel Base

With vistas of Namsan Mountain, the Genesis Lounge incorporates several pieces of furniture carefully crafted by emerging Korean artists known for their distinctly Korean and contemporary style. Lastly, Ogam philosophy (five senses in Korean) infuses Tactile, Taste, Visual, Sound, and Scent doctrines into creating the open lounge space. Enjoy!

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