Toyota Camry Hybrid Art Car: Efficiency Meets Style with ART-of-Motion

The eclectic and conscious illustrations from the innovative mind of El Salvadoran artist Josue Martinez of the Corinto Gallery came to fruition in the ART-of-Motion exhibit at the 2023 Washington Auto Show. Thousands of showgoers observed, photographed, and socially posted imagery while Josue painted a stylish Toyota Camry Hybrid live over two weeks. The audiences responded curiously and enthusiastically!

Of course Toyota hybrid models are ideal for eco-sensitive individuals who require the comfort, performance, and reliability of traditional models, but with added mileage. Thus, we can help preserve the planet’s natural resources by reducing our carbon footprints. The ideology around Josue’s concept is tri-fold, with three distinct animals infused into the environmental design. First is the Panda to represent the land we live on. Next is the Japanese Common Kingfisher bird that embodies the air we breathe. Lastly is the Koi fish to honor the vital resource of fresh water. The final presentation culminated in a colorful and ecological work of art that fascinated us all.

The Toyota Camry Hybrid’s driving efficiency stems from its Dynamic Force engine featuring an electric motor and ECVT transmission for an EPA-estimated rating of 47 highway mpg (XSE model). Art owners can customize the hybrid’s riding style using the 4-mode drive switch featuring EV, Eco, Normal, and Sport modes. As expected, Sport enhances throttle response while Eco mode adjusts throttle input to maximize efficiency. In addition, EV mode enables electric driving to help reduce noise and emissions.

Josue utilized the impressive Camry body structure to conceptualize his naturalist imagination. Sweeping curves and chiseled surfaces complement the mural, leaving viewers with a unique silhouette to admire the final look of efficiency. LED headlights, a wide stance from 19” gloss alloy wheels, and sporty accents harmonize the artistic paint scheme. Are you ready to go places with this mobile piece of art? Well, let’s ride!

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