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“No pressure… no problem,” is just the type of motto you’d expect to go by while on holiday in the Caribbean, but in St. Lucia, these are words they actually live by.

“No pressure… no problem,” is just the type of motto you’d expect to go by while on holiday in the Caribbean, but in St. Lucia, these are words they actually live by. A quick glimpse of the incredibly lush, green and mountainous island and there’s no wondering why Sandals chose to develop not only the luxurious Regency La Toc, but two others nearby – creating a trio of fun-filled, all-inclusive and self-indulgent resorts. Located in Castries, the capital of this volcanic island, the Sandals Regency is situated on an expansive, tropical estate, complete with seaside cliffs and crescent-moon-shaped beach.

Seeking to take lavish accommodations and service to the next level, the resort recently unveiled the Millionaire Suites. Perched atop the bluff’s highest edge, the collection of multi-tiered private villas offers spectacular views of the tranquil bay and flourishing landscape. Combining open-air spaces with a chic, soothing and intimate vibe, each one boasts a master bedroom to remember, where Plantation-style pocket doors retract to completely open up the room to the outdoors – allowing guests to literally step off the bedroom’s edge and plunge into an infinity pool below. What’s more, the 42” plasma TV is rigged for optimal swiveling; so die-hard Cricket fans can even watch the daylong affair from the pool or lower-level whirlpool with drink (s) in hand.

Of course, membership has its privileges, and here it comes in the form of Sandals’ personal butler service, where those trained and certified by the Guild of Professional English Butlers graciously await your every and hourly whim, from unpacking luggage to restocking the bar, whether it’s with local Piton beers or your favorite vino.

For this low-maintenance couple, we used our newly appointed butler-phone on two self-indulgent occasions. First, we dialed in an intimate, candle-lit dinner on the beach at sunset. A gracious waiter served our requested cuisine and returned frequently to refill our often-empty champagne glasses. Second, after an adventurous day spent exploring the island, we asked for a private couples’ massage, again at the water’s edge beneath a setting sun.

Beyond the deluxe confines of the new suites, and as the sun begins to dip into the ocean beyond the Sunset Bluff, the decision of where to dine arises. Beside in-suite and custom-locale dinning, there’s a plethora of restaurants, from the upscale La Toc, which serves Parisian-style cuisine like Mahi Mahi “Aiguillette Dugléré” baked in a Chardonnay-tomato sauce and aptly finished off with an upside-down caramel apple tart inspired by the Loire Valley – to Kimonos Japanese tree house, where a Teppanyaki Chef skillfully sears and sautés Hibachi-style dishes. And in an ode to Cricket, the island’s beloved sport, the resort just opened the neatly outfitted Cricketer’s Pub, where English grub such as Fish ‘n Chips and Bangers ‘n Mash is served-up daily.

While there’s much to do at Sandals Regency, from simple sunbathing and rejuvenating spa services – to golfing, snorkeling and windsurfing – the deeply green and precipitous island of St. Lucia offers a great deal in the way of adventure travel. Ranging from a Rainforest Canopy tour to soothing catamaran rides about the island, Sandals’ concierge service will readily accommodate requests for optional, off-site exploration.

We began our journey of St. Lucia at sea with the full-day Soufriere Adventure Cruise. Embarking on a large catamaran, we sailed along the western, jagged coastline to the sleepy and colorful fishing town of Soufriere, which is situated below the isle’s towering twin landmarks, or Piton peaks. Soufriere is home to the world’s only drive-in volcano, known as Sulphur Springs, while the park also offers a separate and safe enclave for therapeutic mud baths.

A tour guide led our group around the volcanic park, as well as through the nearby Diamond Waterfalls and enchanting Botanical Gardens, while sharing rich cultural facts and entertaining anecdotes. For lunch, local fare, including fresh fish, root vegetables and rice was served at a nearby café in Soufriere, before returning to the boat for our return voyage. With the mid-day sun beginning to take its toll, the ship made a brief stop and anchored at the Anse Cochon beach, where nearly everyone jumped into the water for some much-needed cooling off.

The following day, we sought out a bit more fun at sea as we boarded a smaller catamaran called the Carnival, for the Friday night Evening Party Cruise. Here, the name says it all and everyone began this festive voyage at the bar where the local rum punch was flowing freely. While pulling away from the dock, the DJ slowly amped up the volume on the island’s dance rhythms, energizing the crowd as the boat sailed off into the setting sun. Visit for more information about Sandals Regency La Toc Golf Resort & Spa and the exciting activities available in St. Lucia that can be arranged by your concierge. Now if only that butler’s phone could work back home. Remember, no pressure… no prob.

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