Ram 1500 Revolution Concept Unveiled at CES 2023

The RAM 1500 Revolution Concept is here with 3D printed sideview mirrors, grand saloon opening doors, a multifunction tailgate, illuminated RAM grille, fold flat rear seats, and a power midgate to open up the “one space” environment. RAM consumers can carry more, store larger items, and utilize augmented reality and digitization for conveniences. Additional amenities include a glass roof, 28” screen, a hide away steering wheel, seamless connectivity, apple leather (the fruit), AWD, 4-wheel steering, and an adjustable air suspension. Are you ready for the Revolution?


The Ram Revolution BEV Concept is a visionary road map showing how the industry’s leading truck brand will redefine the pickup segment once again:


  • Segment-redefining Ram 1500 Revolution Battery-electric Vehicle (BEV) Concept demonstrates Ram’s commitment to electric vehicle (EV) leadership
  • Loaded with advanced technology and reinvents the customer experience by integrating leading-edge technology, a fully connected customer experience and advanced mobility features
  • Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept delivers seamless connectivity to transform the experience for driver and passengers
  • Stunning, ultra-modern exterior design represents the future of Ram trucks
  • All-new face of Ram includes animated and modernized “R-A-M” badging and animated full
    LED “tuning fork” headlight design
  • Doors have been reimagined in a grand saloon style opening that showcases a cavernous occupant space without a B-pillar
  • New interior layout offers even more flexibility with room to configure workspace with a removeable center console with fold-flat surface
  • Ram continues to build on its list of industry-shaping features with the 1500 BEV Concept ushering in an industry-first feature: third-row jump seats
  • Powered mid-gate features mounted jump seats with a removable lower section allows for multiple flexible seating configurations and enables a pass-through (and into the frunk) that can fit objects up to 18-ft. long
  • Built on new STLA Frame body-on-frame architecture designed specifically for full-size electric vehicles and incorporates the battery pack efficiently with full underbody aero panels and
    active diffuser
  • Powered by two electric drive module (EDMs) and features all-wheel-drive capability
  • Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept can add up to 100 miles of range in approximately
    10 minutes with 800-volt DC fast charging at up to 350 kW
  • Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept features four-wheel steering with up to 15 degrees of articulation for greater vehicle maneuverability
  • Ram will once again redefine the pickup truck segment with revolutionary Ram 1500 BEV production model in 2024, to be introduced in the coming months
  • Ram 1500 BEV will be the leader in a combination of areas customers care about the most: range, towing, payload and charge time
  • Entire Ram lineup will offer electrified solutions with disruptive, leading-edge advanced technology in the years to come
  • Ram’s move toward electrification supports the Stellantis Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan
    to lead the way the world moves by delivering innovative, clean, safe and affordable mobility solutions



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