2016 Jaguar XE: ART-of-Motion at the 2016 Washington Auto Show


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Experienced by Adrian McQueen, Leon Brittain & Kimatni Rawlins / Pics by Adrenaline Lifestyles Photography & Throttle Life

Not even Blizzard Jonas of 2016 could stop the heat that the ART-of-Motion exhibit from Automotive Rhythms and Throttle Life were destined to bring to the 2016 Washington Auto Show. Washingtonians marveled at the creatively decorated cars, fashion, murals, bikes and Polaris Slingshots designed by renowned illustrators at the ART-of-Motion exhibit, an avante-garde art exposition produced by urban lifestyle pioneers, Automotive Rhythms and Throttle. Each day consisted of unique activity sets, whether it was a live art installation from one of the acclaimed artists chosen to paint a vehicle or a stunning fashion show from Kas Collection. Keep in mind ART-of-Motion was noted as the most exiting display in the entire show.

To kick off the consumer days of ART-of-Motion the 2016 Washington Auto Show was Demont Pinder coating a 2016 Jaguar XE. Visually, the XE is formed with a long hood, short rear and coupe-like roofline that is very reminiscent of the XF. The front fascia is highlighted by narrow headlamps and the symbiotic British grille, while the rear has narrow lights and bumper. Jaguar has definitely focused on a sportier appearance with this vehicle. Demont’s inspiration for the painting originated from a trip to Paris. He decided to bring this vibe back to Washington, D.C.

ART-of-Motion was the perfect platform where he could create that magical feeling using the Jaguar XE as his canvas alongside a miniature structure replicating the Louvre. Demont went with satin and glossy acrylics to paint the #ParisInDC theme that consisted of the Eiffel Tower blending into the convention center and then the Big Chair monument. He then inscribed the Jaguar logo along with the British flag on a quarter panel of the hood which discreetly featured their company values. On the driver’s side homage was paid to the SS Jaguar 100 aptly dubbed after both an animal and its theoretical ability to reach 100 mph. Demont painted the entire classic on the XE using this vision and brought it to life by placing a brick wall behind it.

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