America’s Automotive Trust: A Vision Becomes a Reality

David Madeira - AAT Announcement (distribution version)

America’s Automotive Trust (AAT), a not-for-profit corporation created to secure America’s automotive heritage for generations to come, was announced today by AAT CEO David Madeira.

“It’s important that vintage and modern collectible vehicles continue to be restored, driven and enjoyed,” said Madeira. “America’s Automotive Trust is committed to ensuring that our nation’s automotive legacy is celebrated and that the skills and knowledge necessary to support the future of the collector community are transferred to the next generation.”

Madeira said the Trust has four founding institutions: LeMay – America’s Car Museum, the RPM Foundation, Club Auto and Concours Club. Organizations interested in joining the movement to preserve America’s automotive legacy are welcome to join and benefit from AAT’s capabilities.

“Participating institutions can benefit from the Trust’s expertise in education, fundraising, management, marketing, events and more. This reduces financial and staffing needs as they achieve cost-efficiencies by sharing marketing, development, finance, accounting and other administrative services,” said Madeira. “Most importantly, collaboration in strategic planning and programs reduces redundancy of effort and facilitates the first concerted attempt to secure America’s automotive heritage.”
Madeira described the roles each of the founding organizations within the Trust as part of its larger heritage effort:
• LeMay – America’s Car Museum: A world-class museum, headed by ACM President and COO Paul E. Miller, is AAT’s repository for automotive treasures and a gathering place for enthusiasts, featuring educational programs for all ages, rotating exhibits and events.

• RPM Foundation: A services-providing, resource-sharing, grant-giving and mentorship organization led by National Director Diane Fitzgerald. Established in 2005 through the vision of Hagerty and formerly known as the Hagerty Education Program at ACM, the RPM Foundation accelerates the growth of the next generation of automotive restoration and preservation craftsmen through formal training and mentorship. The Foundation also addresses concerns for the disappearance of critical skills needed to care for our automotive treasures and helps young adults find rewarding careers in the collector car industry.

• Club Auto: Powered by its partnership with Hagerty and under the guidance of Director Matt Taylor, Club Auto promotes AAT’s vision to reach a broader audience about America’s automotive legacy by providing the enthusiast community with activities, including driving days, race events and track days for their collectible and modern vehicles.

• Concours Club: The organization heads high-level philanthropic efforts to obtain funding for AAT and its entities under the direction of VP of Institutional Advancement Dean Carrell. Concours Club members are the ambassadors and advisors to the Trust, and are essential to ensuring a vibrant future for auto enthusiasts. Members enjoy exclusive events, such as international travel and driving opportunities, as well as an annual summit focused on important issues to the collector community.

“By creating an alliance of like-minded organizations, our vision for continuing America’s rich automotive pastime can have a greater impact upon the millions of collector car enthusiasts around the globe,” said Madeira. “A coalition to support the success of these institutions is vital to securing America’s automotive heritage and building an endowment to support those which share in that vision.”

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