Audi celebrates 10th anniversary of R8 and V10 engine

Audi just released a short video and limited edition Audi Collection poster to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iconic R8 V10 engine. The brand collaborated with Fabian Oefner, famed artist behind the acclaimed “Disintegrating” series, to portray the V10 engine – and the iconic R8 – in its most deconstructed form ever. To create the image, Oefner photographed each individual piece of a dismantled 2017 R8 and digitally rearranged them into one photograph.

We all know that the R8 is a beast on the road, but how much do we know about the phenomena inside? “Disintegrating” is a suite of images of high performance cars that appear to have blown apart. The series explores essential questions about the relationship of time and reality, ultimately creating a visually rich rendition of a moment that never existed. The series, representing a staggering amount of work – has been created from hundreds not to say thousands of shots. The R8 has been dismantled completely, from the body shell to the smallest screws, then photographed piece by piece in a specific position to obtain the illusion of an exploding car. Poster measures 12.75″ x 30.

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