Emergency Safety Solutions’ H.E.L.P.  Will Reduce Disabled Vehicle Crashes

A Deadly Problem — Hiding in Plain Sight

More than 23,000 drivers, passengers, Good Samaritans, and first responders are killed or injured in roadside crashes every year. Every 6 minutes, another vehicle is struck by an oncoming car or truck that is disabled on the side of — or in the lanes of — an American highway. Largely due to the way roadside crashes are tracked by the Federal government, the scope of these grim statistics has been masked for decades, an appalling reality, hiding in plain sight.

Thousands of people find themselves stranded on America’s roadsides — sometimes for hours — with nothing more than their flashers for protection. Four-way emergency flashers were invented in 1951—and have not been significantly improved for more than 70 years.  With the exception of the four-way flasher, virtually nothing has been done to help oncoming vehicles see and avoid disabled vehicles in their path.

A Lifesaving Solution

Emergency Safety Solutions (ESS) was born after co-founder David Tucker was nearly killed by an 18-wheel tractor-trailer that sideswiped his vehicle on a busy interstate highway. The experience prompted him to explore the ‘why’ behind his near tragedy. Despite his flashers being on, why were approaching vehicles continuing to zoom past him at 70 mph, some only inches away, why weren’t they moving over sooner, and why did a truck ultimately collide with his RV and nearly end his life?

The ESS team is comprised of highly experienced automotive safety veterans who have carefully examined the problem and developed an industry-changing, proprietary solution called “H.E.L.P.” — Hazard Enhanced Location Protocol. The H.E.L.P. solution integrates two technologies to alert oncoming motorists:

  • E.L.P. Lighting Alerts – ESS determined that flashing a vehicle’s lights faster and brighter dramatically improves visibility — and oncoming driver response time — to see and avoid the disabled vehicle. The U.S. Department of Transportation agreed and approved their approach to be made available on all vehicles.
  • E.L.P. Digital Alerts—Simultaneously with the lighting alert, a digital distress signal is sent from the vehicle via a cloud-based network. Prominent warnings are displayed on electronic maps such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze…and on native OEM navigation displays as well.


The ESS solution is currently in-market with more than 1.5 million Tesla models across the U.S. Further, ESS is collaboratively working with Volkswagen, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and Ram vehicles, among several other OEMs. ESS continues to focus on its singular mission: save lives by making roadside crashes a thing of the past.

About Emergency Safety Solutions 

Emergency Safety Solutions is a certified, minority-owned enterprise whose mission is to save lives by eliminating preventable crashes involving vehicles that are disabled and stopped on or near active roadways. Each year in the U.S., more than 15,000 people are injured or killed in these types of collisions. ESS’ suite of H.E.L.P. solutions provide advanced lighting alerts and digital location-based alerts to greatly improve advance warning communications to drivers.

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