Howard University Fall Internship: Multimedia Career Development with Automotive Rhythms and the Ford Motor Company

Dubbed “The Driving Forcethe Black Automotive Media Group (BAMG) is seeking a select group of African American students from Howard University to participate in a virtual internship program comprising mentoring and training sessions. Our Automotive Multimedia Internship project will expose journalism, communications, broadcast, and public relations students to media-based opportunities within the auto industry. The Ford Motor Company supports the project in conjunction with BAMG, Automotive Rhythms TV, and Bumper2Bumpertv.

The program is slated for a virtual experience this fall, with interaction occurring weekly through Zoom’s digital meeting systems. Students will participate in various training activities taught by professional automotive journalists, publishers, and seasoned media producers. You will also hear from Ford communication executives, designers, or product planners with a chance to interview each.

Applicants must have sound writing and verbal skills, a keen familiarity with social media, and an understanding of storytelling through either editorial, photography, radio, or video. The goal by the end of the internship is to enhance your insight of automotive writing styles and digital production techniques to present either a self-produced automotive video, photo gallery, broadcast review, or written analysis of an automotive category (design, test drive, etc.)

Participants will explore multiple pathways in the automotive industry including but not limited to:

  • How to promote and market your skills through brand creation, including intellectual properties, Website development, social media, etc.
  • How to compose an editorial story utilizing key vehicle features
  • Networking strategies to help evolve your new media businesses
  • Scriptwriting and storyboarding to tell the viewpoint of your automotive feature
  • Learning automotive terminology and familiar phrases to describe various aspects of the presented vehicle
  • A possible visit to Ford’s plant and design center based on COVID-19

This 10-week Field Experience internship provides a stipend of $500, which will be distributed at the internship’s conclusion. There will also be opportunities for the publishing and distribution of your work through  Automotive Rhythms TV and Bumper2Bumpertv.

Applications must be submitted by 11:59 pm September 25, 2020

Apply for Field Credit Internship

For inquiries or questions, please email Kimatni Rawlins at

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