Kia unveils new Cross GT Concept CUV and Superman-Inspired Kia Optima at Chicago Auto Show


Blurring the line between Kia’s GT concept and a luxury CUV, Kia slipped the silk off the imaginative Cross GT concept at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show. Amid the popping strobes of cameras, the CUV garnered attention from onlookers assessing its impactful design. The Cross GT melds high technology with nature, creating a harmonious partnership between driver and vehicle that also respects our global environment. Purely conceptual, the Cross GT reveals Kia’s intentions to potentially offer a larger premium CUV than the current Sorento.

The Superman-inspired Optima is a bit to ostentatious and seems like a project manifested from bored designers. Its exterior is very cartoonish and the super hero colors are hard on the eyes. Besides, Superman hasn’t been relevant in decades now!


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