2015 Cruzin’ Main Street Car, Truck and Bike: Downtown Upper Marlboro MD

Marlboro (2)
Experienced by Adrian McQueen

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in downtown Upper Marlboro, Main Street was blocked off from traffic and filled with eye-catching vehicles as far as the eye could see. What sets this car show apart from the many others is the scene itself. Downtown Upper Marlboro has a look that is straight out of Mayberry with a feeling of nostalgia. Not many current car owners participate in this show, but many from the 1930s to 1970s that fit the look of the town attend. Patrons from the young to the old filled the streets with smiles, laughter, and flashing cameras. This car show is held annually by the Upper Marlboro Volunteer Fire Department, the Marlboro Lions Club and Ledos Pizza.

Marlboro (5)

The energy level was high as the music from the DJ covered the streets filled with custom paint, classic cars, some new cars, and motorcycles. There was no shortage of vendors on site offering food, drinks, Italian popsicles, and car collectibles. The judges carefully looked over all the vehicles and the winners were awarded with trophies and prizes. I often look forward to these family oriented shows because it gives Automotive Rhythms a chance to commune with the people that keep the automotive industry alive. Enjoy our picture gallery.

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