Profile: Shawn Lollie, Ford Motor Company

Shawn Lollie

Ford Motor Company is on a strong and strategic uphill climb to positive success within the auto industry. From their all-new Fiesta to sponsorship of the Essence Festival to key integrations with celebrities likes funny man Kevin Hart and his Explorer partnership, the brand is always thinking ahead. One of the brains behind the business is Ford’s Shawn Lollie.

2011 Ford Explorer

Name, Title Shawn Lollie, Multicultural Marketing Manager, US Marketing Communications – Ford Motor Company

Describe what your company does. (just a couple of lines is fine) How did you break into this business? Ford is a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Michigan, that manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents. I have been with the company for 16 years and got my start as part of Ford’s College Graduate Program.

What exactly do you do – what’s a day in the office like for you? I actually manage all aspects of communication strategies and plans for Ford and Lincoln brands for the African American consumer market. This includes sponsorships, media planning and experiential events targeting the African American market. In this position, no one day is alike for me which is part of what makes this position so exciting!

What would you say is your ‘claim to fame’ – i.e. have you worked on any projects that the public might be familiar with or that you are particularly proud of? Wow! I would say that one of my most recent projects that I am most proud of would be our involvement in the 2011 BET Awards. We actually gave away the keys to a 2012 Ford Focus live during the BET Awards using Twitter! We ended up having the #1 Trending Topic on Twitter worldwide within minutes after the Ford Focus secret hash tag was revealed on-air. This was definitely an execution that allowed us to continue to share our strength as a brand as it relates to social media.

What are you working on currently or have coming up (insert shameless plug here!)? My team and I are currently working on our 2013 Escape and Fusion African American marketing reveal and launch plans. We are also gearing up for the 2011 LA Auto Show and 2012 North American International Auto Show.

Words to live by/your mantra? I know it may sound funny, but I totally live by the mantra of “Get it in writing.” This is something that live by in my day-to-day dealings in the office.

What are you currently reading? “Green Eggs and Ham” every single night to my five-year-old son as I am an adoptive single parent

What are you planning to read next? Just as long as Dr. Seuss doesn’t interfere I am looking forward to reading “Black Is The New Green” by Leonard Burnett Jr. & Andrea Hoffman

What was the last fun purchase you made and from where did you get it? I ordered my wedding dress on-line from China and had to cancel the order 48 hours later.

Favorite hotel: Ritz Carlton, Naples FL, such a beautiful resort

Favorite getaway: Las Vegas, just love visiting this city!

Favorite entree to order and from where: I have roots in New Orleans and it shows because Jambalaya is one of my favorite’s

Favorite drink: A Lemon Drop Martini

Fave vice/ Guilty pleasure? Shoes, I am a confessed shoe addict

(optional – can also include other faves that are specific to subject’s industry – ie Car exec – favorite car model, favorite driving destination. Chef – favorite foodie destination. Photog – fave city + location for a kodak moment. Etc.)

Hometown: Detroit

Age: I like to think that I have accomplished quite a bit as it relates to my career at a pretty young age. However, I must say that I believe that a Woman Never Tells Her Age

First real job since formal schooling? Ford College Graduate Program – Ford Motor Company

What advice would you give to yourself 10 years ago? Everything happens for a reason…just be patient

What keeps you up at night? My upcoming wedding next July

Three people, living or dead, you’d have over to dinner? Martin Luther King, Jr., Oprah and Prince

Pass the torch: Whom should we interview next? Crystal Worthem, Brand Content & Alliances Manager for Ford Motor Company


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